Monday, December 11, 2006

Indian Condoms

Over at the Lindsey Lohan blog a super little tale about Indian Condoms

No, I won't spoil the punch line for you by giving it here but one part of it is all entirely sensible and believable. The question is whether the last line was delivered with a straight face or not?

If it was a native English speaker I would have sdaid not, it was done tongue in cheek, but with someone not completely at home in hte language, well, it could have been inadvertent.

Friday, December 08, 2006

Fake Priests


You would think that people would get this, wouldn't you?


A bogus priest and his girlfriend tricked an Austrian pensioner out of $200 after promising him a naked bathtub session with the woman.

"The bogus priest and his girlfriend ran a bath for the pensioner, who undressed and got in straight away," a police spokeswoman in the northern Austrian town of Linz said on Wednesday.

The pensioner waited in the tub for about 10 minutes, but when he heard cupboards being opened and closed in the living room, he emerged from the bathroom and chased the pair out of his flat, she said.

Really? It takes ten minutes to work out that a priest with a girlfriend might not be on the up and up? That one offering you a free nude bath with said girlfriend might not be the most reliable person in the world?

Sheesh. Why aren't we all rich already?

Maria Eva


An amusing story here about Maria Eva, the Indonesian singer. Apparently she got down and dirty with a politician a couple of years ago and filmed the encounter on her mobile phone. She then lost the phone and it's now all over the net.

An Indonesian parliamentary committee intends to question a legislator over a video distributed on the Internet that appears to show him naked with a singer, the head of the committee said Wednesday.

The shaky, one-minute video that appears to show Yahya Zaini, a member of parliament from the country's biggest party, Golkar, with the woman has caused shock in Indonesia, the world's most populous Muslim country.


The woman who was naked in the video, Indonesian pop singer

Maria Eva, held a televised news conference in which she said she took the footage using her mobile phone.

She denied distributing the video on the Internet and said she had lost her mobile phone.

It's just this surveillance society isn't it? Getting ever more difficult to have that bit of illicit nookie.

Wednesday, December 06, 2006



Long a standard part of sci-fi dystopias it looks as if advertising by smell might really be coming:


What was billed as a pleasing alternative to exhaust fumes at San Francisco bus stops ended after officials Tuesday ordered the removal of advertisements that gave off the scent of baked cookies.

The fragrant billboards, posted at five bus shelters on Monday in an effort by dairy producers to make passengers thirsty for milk, had to come down because the shelters' maintenance contractor had not informed San Francisco Municipal Transportation Agency officials, said an agency spokeswoman.

The thing is, and this is something that I'm sure most Americans wouldn't get, is that the association of cookies and milk wouldn't work elsewhere in the world. They're just not associated in quite the same way.

I Wouldn't Try a Thong


There's at least one part of the world where dressing a little too sexily might not be a good idea:

A town in Muslim-majority Malaysia has threatened to fine non-Muslim women for wearing "sexy" clothes, infuriating some women's organizations.

Authorities in northeast Kota Baru, which calls itself an Islamic city, will slap fines of up to 500 ringgit ($140) on women who expose navels, wear body-hugging outfits, mini-skirts or see-through blouses, the Star newspaper said on Tuesday.

"Such outfits are prohibited here as it smears the reputation of Kota Baru and affects its status as an Islamic city," the Star quoted municipal council spokesman Azman Daham as saying.

If you were thinking of hanging out on the beach in a g-string bikini, or perhaps a thong, may I respectfully suggest that you think about doing it somewhere else?



It's long been thought that the outbreak of metrosexuality, you know, men using face creams, making sure their clothes fit, all those decidedly silly things, were confined to the great cities of Blue America.

Sadly, this turns out not to be the case:

Urban Chinese men spend 8.6 minutes a day gazing at themselves in the mirror and shell out 80 yuan ($10) a month on beauty products, Xinhua news agency reported on Tuesday, citing a survey.

Men in Beijing and the financial center of Shanghai were neck-and-neck on whose residents were most vain.

Those in the capital spent the most money on cosmetics -- an average of 119 yuan a month -- but those in Shanghai looked in the mirror the longest -- about 17 minutes a day.

I have a feeling that it might be neccessary to do something about this. Can the world's mines that supply black polo necks survive China adopting them too?


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