Sunday, September 02, 2007

Hawaii Real Estate

Now here is a real estate blog and site that does something really useful and valuable. Yes, it has all the usual search facilities and so on, you can scroll through listings, look only for apartments, condos, 3 bed houses, or by area, etc etc.

Further, it's all Hawaii real estate, so you're not looking through areas that aren't what you want or anything, wasting time in doing so.

But most importantly, it gets over the biggest problem we all have in searching for real estate for sale. What happens if a place, perhaps the exact place of our dreams, is listed with a broker that we don't know anything about? It's quite common that we don't know about every real estate broker in an area, we cannot read every newspaper and find every website.

So what this Hawaii real estate site does is list all active listings on each of the islands. So there isn't a single place up for sale that you won't see.

An excellent idea and strongly recommended.