Monday, March 24, 2008

Ain't Globalisation Great?

There are, sadly, those who think that globalisation is a bad idea. Even, that something ought to be done about it.

However, given the technologies available to us all these days, what, exactly, could be done about it?

For example, have a look at this website, one for India translations. Now, let's say you have a piece of Arabic translation that needs to be done. Or perhaps Farsi translation. You could scour your neighbourhood for someone who knew either of those languages and then pay them to do the work, for sure.

But here you have the opportunity of simply sending the work to India and of thus paying Indian wage rates to get your translation done.

Of course, this also works for Hindi translation. But the point is that you get the work done more cheaply, the translators in India earn better wages than they otherwise would have're all better off.

And short of closing down the internet there's no way of stopping it. So a lesson for those silly enough to think that globalisation is a bad thing: well, what you gonna do about it?