Monday, November 16, 2009

Lorenzo von Matterhorn

Lorenzo von Matterhorn is a fun little piece of character creation from "How I Met Your Mother", the US TV show.

Within the show Lorenzo von Matterhorn is a fictional name (within the show this is) for one of the characters which he uses when attempting to date. He tells a girl this name and she is sufficiently intrigued to go off an Google him. Wehre she finds a series of fake websites mentioning Lorenzo von Matterhorn as being a billionaire, lover of animals and even a page with a warning by doctors that penis reduction surgery would not be a good idea.

Of course, the next time he meets her and asks her out for coffee she agrees instantly.

OK, cute joke: but the amusement goes further. As part of the creation of the fake character the show put up a Wikipedia page for Lorenzo von Matterhorn: in our world, not the TV show one.

This has of course been taken down because it's against the Wikipedia rules. But, umm, now that we're all writing about it, does this make Lorenzo von Matterhorn famous enough to have the whole story explained in Wikipedia again?