Thursday, August 30, 2007

New Real Estate Site

As we know, the US real estate market is going through some turbulent times: perhaps even that is an understatement. However, what turbulence in a market does allow is those with the best information to get good deals. That's why anyone looking to either buy or rent (ie, everyone, as we all have to live somewhere) should be looking for the best souces of information.

I've found one that's worth adding to your list of sources: indeed, it might be the major source you need. It's at and has a number of very useful sections. For example, you can look up real state values for different States and thus find out whether what is on offer is a good deal or not. You can also get mortgage quotes, to see whether you can afford what you're interested in or not: or whether there's a financing house willing to offer you a better deal.

The final part that I find interesting is their coverage of houses to rent. Even in today's markets (perhaps especially in today's) it can be a good idea to rent for a time in a specific area, to check that you actually like it. You can also see the trade off between owning the house and building equity and not being responsible by comparing rents and mortgages.

It's a very useful resource: make the most of it!

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